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York Electronics Repair Policies

Welding & Industrial Electronic PC Board Repair Depot

When your order is received, we first assign an order number. Then your board is thoroughly cleaned, inspected and given to a service technician. We then determine the cost to repair the item and at this point we will advise you. After your approval, the item is repaired using in-depth testing procedures and again the board is cleaned to remove any remaining debris and solder flux. The board is then coated with a fine conformal coating to help protect against moisture. Before the item is carefully packed, York inspects it a final time for workmanship and cleanliness.

Many of the boards we repair have a set price and may be found in our catalogs at the left.

Here's How It Works

1. Include a purchase order with units to be repaired. Submitting your PO with the unit speeds the repair process for a faster turnaround.

2. Include the name and telephone number of the person to contact.

3. List any special instructions on your purchase order.

4. Include prints, if available.

5. Describe problem with circuit board.

6. Pack carefully and ship to us by any carrier service.

Terms and Conditions

Turnaround - Normal turnaround time is three to four working days upon receipt. The exception is on equipment with obsolete or non-standard parts.

Billing Terms - Net 30 days for established customers. New customers will receive net 30 with approved purchase order and credit approval. We also accept Visa and Mastercard.

Freight - All incoming packages can be shipped by the courier service of your choice. Outgoing packages will be shipped by York via ground service unless your prefer another service.

Warranty - York Electronics warrants PC Boards for a period of six months. This warranty covers all work performed by York Electronics including parts and labor. This warranty may not apply to boards that fail due to negligence, misapplication or improper installation.

Evaluations - There is no charge to evaluate any circuit board for repair that is not listed in our catalog. The customer will be called in advance and advised of the cost prior to any work performed.

Exclusions - York Electronics reserves the right, if in its own sole opinion a unit is deemed non-repairable, to return any items to the customer free of charge.

Availability - Services are available only in the United States.
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Industries Served
• Welding Suppliers
• Welding Repairers
• Electric Motor Shops
• Steel Fabricators
• Printing
• Plastics
• Corrugated Products
• Textiles
• Ship Builders
• Machining
• Construction
• Paper and Wood
• Fabricated Metals
• Misc Manufacturing
• Stone and Glass
• Electrical Contractors
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